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video, editing, sound, & choreography by Gabe Barnow

excerpts from family journals

We all have sickness, trauma, and pain in our pasts, presents and futures. To me, part of our purpose on this earth is to be constantly moving towards healing. Due to this ever-present flow of energy toward healing, there is always more to do, and therefore always a lack. This lack is passed on to our kids, our future generations. So, what kind of debt does passing on sickness create? Am I indebted to my parents for the healing that they did for me? Are they are indebted to me for the healing I am doing for them? I believe in time as a non-linear entity. If time becomes, stacked, twisted, bent, the possibilities for healing become astronomical. When I do my healing now, I have the ability to heal my ancestors’ pain and trauma, as well as that of future generations.

music by Broccoli Brothers